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Staircase starting steps

The step at
the bottom of a
staircase is normally a little
larger than the rest and is
called a starter or
Starting steps come in a
number of shapes and sizes
depending on their function.

The most commonly found wood
starter steps are called
. One or both
ends are in the shape of a
half circle in order to
support and anchor a newel
post, which in turn provides
stability and support for the
entire railing.

The other common
starter steps
are quarter-rounds and are
most often used at the bottom
of a stairway that extends
around the end of a wall, such
as is often the case with
basement stairs.

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Single-End Half Circle Starting Step..
Ex Tax:$273.41
Single-End Quarter-Circle Starting Step..
Ex Tax:$208.33
Double-End Half Circle Starting Step..
Ex Tax:$406.94
Double-End Quarter Circle Starting Step7" on both sides added for the rounded ends.Stair width + 14" = total Length..
Ex Tax:$320.85
Single Bull Nose Bowed Starting Step..
Ex Tax:$544.81
Double Bull Nose Bowed Starting Step..
Ex Tax:$831.81
Single Bull-Nose Starting Step..
Ex Tax:$314.62
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