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Glass and cable
stair anchorages

Rail and post stair anchorages, level post mounting, fascia post mounting, handrail wall mounting offers a wide
selection of glass and cable
stair anchorages of whatever
type, grade, and class is
required to produce
connections suitable for
anchoring railings to other
types of construction. Our
connectors are capable of
withstanding any and all
design loads.

Loading will differ between
various railing styles and
installation sites, and this
will affect your anchorages.
Local building codes vary so
be sure to study yours before
designing your railing and
ordering your anchoring parts.
We offer disc anchorages and
elbows for round or square
tubes, with pre-drilled holes.
Baluster bracket. (304 Interior)..
Ex Tax:$62.00
Reversible Post bracket. (304 Interior)..
Ex Tax:$148.47
Slotted Stanchion For 1-11/16" Post. Carbon Steel. Interior Only..
Ex Tax:$83.55
Adjustable Stanchion For 1-11/16" Post. Carbon Steel. Interior Only..
Ex Tax:$83.55
Unwelded Post Flange. 1-13/16" outside diameter, 1/4" thick. (304 Interior use)..
Ex Tax:$16.11
Satin stainless square wall flange. (304 Interior)..
Ex Tax:$25.05
Square line. Baluster bracket. (304 Interior)..
Ex Tax:$96.45
Square line. Flange. (304 Interior)..
Ex Tax:$31.60
Unwelded Square Flange. 3-15/16" wide. 1/4" thick (316 Exterior)..
Ex Tax:$31.60
Square Line base flange for glue connection. (304 Interior)..
Ex Tax:$36.65
Stanchion For Square Post. Carbon Steel. Interior Only..
Ex Tax:$48.56
Flush wall flange. Satin stainless steel. (304 Interior)..
Ex Tax:$17.45
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